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Summer is the perfect time for a picnic! Whether you’re gathering with family or friends, picnics are an ideal way to enjoy the sunshine and get together outdoors. To make your picnic even more fun, why not add some games and activities? This article will provide you with the best picnic games and activities for adults and kids alike.

Outdoor Picnic Games

Organizing outdoor games for a picnic is a great way to make it a memorable experience for everyone attending. Outdoor games are well suited to large groups and can be adapted to a variety of age groups.

From active games like tag and hide-and-seek to quieter activities like scavenger hunts, there are plenty of options for having fun in the sunshine. Let’s look at some of the best picnic games for an enjoyable time outdoors.

Sack races

Sack races are a great way to get everyone outside and implementing some friendly competition. Sack races are popular throughout the world and, as a result, go by several different names. Essentially, all sack racing involves two or more participants in a race to see who can reach the winning line first while hopping inside fabric sacks.

These races can be modified for children or adults of any age. Make sure participants are wearing suitable clothing and that all racers have their sacks at an equal size before getting started. To make it even more fun and add some skill, you can set up obstacles for racers to navigate around or jump without falling out of their sack!

Getting the materials needed is easy; you’ll just need fabric sacks or burlap bags and tape (to mark out your field). Begin by setting up boundaries with your tape – one line at the starting point where each player will stand with their sack ready – and one finish line to mark where the winner will cross when they complete their race.

When everyone is in place, have them step into their sacks; this might require a little bit of practice for first-timers, but the silliness will make it even more fun! Make sure all players are in position before giving the ‘Go’ signal to ensure that everyone has an equal start. Have fun encouraging other players as they hop across to the finish line – remember…safety first!

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Egg and spoon races

Egg and spoon races are a classic outdoor game that has been enjoyed for generations. This outdoor relay race is easy to run, providing lots of fun for both children and adults alike. Players must balance an egg on the spoon while maneuvering around obstacles placed around the field, such as chairs or hay bales. The first person to successfully make it back to the starting line without dropping their egg is declared the winner.

For added excitement, you can vary the rules by using different types of eggs (hard-boiled or raw), different sizes of spoons, or multiple legs in which players switch off after each lap. You could also add other obstacles, such as slalom-style poles they must carry the eggs around or mini hurdles they need to jump over with their spoon and egg intact.

Any combination you choose will be sure to get everyone’s competitive juices flowing! Be sure to bring extra supplies like eggs and spoons, just in case, as well as some additional decorations like colorful flags or banners for added ambiance. Have fun playing this classic picnic game!


Badminton is a fun and simple game for all ages, and it can be played in the park or anywhere with open space. All you need is a badminton set that includes poles, a net, rackets and birdies/shuttlecocks. It’s best to play on grass or a beach — never on concrete!

Set up the net so that there’s at least 6-10 feet of space between each side. Players of all skill levels can participate in badminton because it’s easily adjustable to suit everyone’s ability level. Use a shorter net when playing with beginners or young kids. To begin, choose two players to start a match and assign each of them an end of the court.

The goal of the game is for each player to attempt to hit their opponent’s birdie/shuttlecock back across the court using their racket without letting it touch the floor inside their court area (known as “in bounds”).

Players score points when they manage to hit their competitor’s shot out-of-bounds, and no points are awarded if either player does not return the birdie/shuttlecock back across successfully. This game can accommodate 2 or more people, making it an ideal picnic activity for friends or family!


Horseshoes is a centuries-old game of pitching horseshoes at stakes set in the ground. Today, it’s become a popular outdoor game that’s both easy to learn and great for all skill levels. Whether you’re playing with two or four players, it’s sure to be a hit at your next outdoor picnic setting.

To prepare, simply find two stakes in the ground (ideally at least 15 feet apart). For a more intense match, move the stakes further apart. Then divide into teams of 1 or 2 players each and assign each team an end of the court, then hand out the horseshoes. Now it’s time to play!

To toss, stand opposite your team’s stake and toss your horseshoe towards it from any starting point within 15 feet. All throws must be made between heel lines, with one foot touching either line during throws. Your opponents can stand anywhere within 15 ft of the stake, neither on nor past their heel line. The team that scores 21 points first wins!

The basic rules are easy to remember, and with practice comes mastery! Since horseshoe is an incredibly portable game, you can bring it along to picnics or recently reopened parks without crowding up too much space in your bag. Just keep track if you’re playing with teams and alternate turns—toeing up at around what qualifies as a perfect throw, so everyone wins!

Bocce Ball

Bocce ball, also known as bocci or boccie, is a popular Italian lawn game that can easily be adapted for use at your next picnic. Bocce is fun and simple to play, and all you need are two or four players and a set of bocce balls. The game can be played on almost any surface, from grass to sand to asphalt.

A regulation set of bocce balls consists of four large balls and one smaller ball called the pallino or jack. Depending on the number of players, each person will have either two large balls (for two player teams) or one large ball (for four players). To begin a round of bocce ball, the pallino is thrown first — often rolled underhand — onto the playing area as a target for the other balls.

Once it has been tossed out, each person takes turns rolling their respective ball with an aim toward hitting the pallino or getting their own ball closest to it; whoever is closest at the end of all throws achieves points which ultimately determines who wins the round.

Bocce can be played competitively on an official court but it’s also perfect for picnics since all you need is an available space that is slightly longer than three times a standard court length (about 12 meters). This means that while you can still play on grassy lawns, driveways make ideal surfaces because they create nice long straight shots where skillful target plays become challenging maneuvers — perfect for adults and older kids alike!

Water Games

Water games can be great fun for adults and kids alike. They can be a great way to cool off on a hot summer day and can also provide a fun and active way to spend time together. Playing water games at a picnic can also be a great way to bring people closer together and make lasting memories. In this section, we’ll discuss the best water games and activities for adults and kids.

Water balloon toss

Water balloon toss is a classic outdoor game that’s perfect for picnics and family get-togethers. It requires teamwork, timing and a little bit of luck! Here’s how to play:

  1. Fill up some small to medium-sized balloons with water and tie them safely.
  2. Divide your group into equal teams — two, three or four work best.
  3. Stand facing each other in two rows and decide which team will start first.
  4. The first team should toss the balloon back and forth without letting it break, catching it with both hands when it’s tossed to them from the other side of the line.
  5. Once a team has successfully tossed the balloon 20 times without dropping it, they then move onto the next member down their line for their 21st throw (the person who threw last should be the one who throws again first).
  6. If a balloon breaks, that team has to start over from zero and cannot go back on their count until another balloon is thrown without breaking or dropping it first!
  7. Play continues in this manner until all balloons have been broken or one team reaches 50 successful throws!

Water Gun Tag

Water Gun Tag is an entertaining game similar to regular tag, ideal for both kids and adults. It involves two teams who try to tag each other with water guns—or any other squirt-type toys such as water balloons or Super Soaker Squirter Blasters. All players must remain on their feet at all time, and once a player has been tagged by a stream of water from the gun or thrown toy, he or she joins the opposite team. The game ends when one team gets all the members from the opposing team, and that side wins. You can assign specific roles or points to help determine the winner as well.

This is a great outdoor activity for summer picnics, as it requires ample space for people to move around in, plus plenty of sunscreen and protection from sunburns! Bring lots of sponges and towels so players can dry off easily between turns. Emphasize that everyone should follow basic water safety rules throughout playtime – no running near bodies of water, no dunking each other in pools during games etcetera. Have fun!

Sponge Relay Race

Sponge Relay Race is an entertaining game that can be great fun for any picnic gathering. It is made up of two or more teams of three to four players and requires one or two sponges, one bucket filled with water, and a large container (such as a barrel or storage bin) that can hold all the water from the bucket.

The goal of each team is to fill their container as quickly as possible by transferring water from the bucket to their container using only the sponge provided. Once all teams are finished, the winner is determined by who has collected the most amount of water in their container.

If you want to add an extra twist to this game, consider multiplying the size of the buckets. This variation requires larger sponges and will make it more difficult for fast-paced players to finish first! For a longer game, use multiple buckets placed at different distances from the containers. This larger spaces option means that team members must scurry back and forth between each spot in order to fill up their tank with enough water. If you have enough space for all participants, consider dividing them into multiple teams instead so they can compete against each other simultaneously!

Indoor Picnic Activities

Having a picnic indoors can be a lot of fun. There are plenty of activities that can be done inside that can still create an enjoyable, yet different experience. To bring out the picnic vibes, you can engage in fun, indoor picnic games and activities. Let’s look at some of the best ones that you can try out together with your friends and family!


Charades is a classic indoor game that gives people a great way to test their imagination and communication skills. To play charades, divide the group into teams of two or more players and have each team select an actor to act out their assigned word or phrase. The actor should convey the idea without speaking and cue the teammates to guess what it is. Depending on the size of the group, you may have as few as three words per team, or you may have dozens of words for teams to act out during a game.

This game can be modified for all ages; younger children often enjoy giving clues through hand-drawn pictures, while older players may prefer harder adjectives like famous people and movie titles. As with most games of this sort, you may need to enforce some basic rules like no speaking by actors during the game, try to keep guesses family-friendly and refraining from distractions when another team is performing. Charades is a timeless classic that can be enjoyed at home or at parties and events – enjoy!


Pictionary is an entertaining and classic game that can be played in larger or smaller groups alike. In the game of Pictionary, players take turns choosing a card from a Pictionary deck with words written on them. The player must then draw the word on paper in order to get the other players to guess it correctly.

The game begins by splitting into two teams and then nominating a player from each team as the “drawer”. The drawer chooses a card from the Pictionary deck and attempts to draw what is written on it into a sketch pad. The other players have to guess what the drawing represents before time runs out. Teams score one point for each successful guessing attempt which means that teams gain more points for guessing accurately in less time. A team wins if they are able to collect more points at the end of the game than their opponents.

Other than fun, Pictionary can be used as an excellent learning tool since it involves players expanding their vocabulary knowledge while improving their observational skills at the same time. It is easily adapted to different skill levels depending on whether adults or children are playing, making it suitable for people of all ages and capabilities!

Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are fun, fast-paced activities that are suitable for a variety of indoor or outdoor environments. Often used as picnic games, they require no equipment to play and can be tailored to any age group or number of players. The goal is simple: each participant must be the first to collect all requested objects, or complete tasks on their scavenger hunt list.

Participants can choose to complete their scavenger hunts in teams or individually, either running around the house trying to collect items or gathering items within a certain time limit that have been hidden ahead of time by the host for extra challenge. Scavenger hunt lists can range from common household items — like a paper clip and spoon — to more activity-based items — like having someone wear five different articles of clothing at once!

The basic idea is same regardless of age: each player has a list and must be the first person/team with all the requested objects/tasks completed. It’s up to you as the host how difficult you’d like it to be, but overall making it too easy will lessen fun and making it too hard could make players give up altogether. Hosts can also opt for nature hikes if it’s an outdoor game — great for identifying plants and animals — or even virtual scavenger hunts by providing ideas via Zoom calls in case of social distancing!

Musical chairs

Musical chairs is a fun and interactive game for groups of all sizes. It can be played both indoors or outdoors and has no age limit. The basic premise is that there are fewer chairs than players, so when the music stops, everyone must scramble to find a seat in order to remain in the game. The player that is left without a seat is eliminated and one chair is removed until only one person remains sitting in a chair: the winner of the game!

To properly play musical chairs, start by selecting appropriate music that fits the age group and energy level of your players. Place any number of chairs (as long as it’s one less than the number of players) in a circle with each chair facing outward. If outside, make sure to provide enough space around each chair for people to safely move around them without encroaching on other chairs or participants.

Begin playing music while participants move around the circle in time with it; when the music abruptly stops, everyone must locate an empty chair to sit down on before someone else does–this adds an element of competition that entertains all players! As elimination takes place, simply remove chairs from the circle until only one player remains; this will be deemed as your winner! Musical chairs isn’t just an entertaining game for parties or team-building activities — it’s also great for developing communication skills among kids or adults alike.

Pass the parcel

Pass the parcel is a classic party game for children of all ages. To set up the game, wrap a small gift (something inexpensive like a bouncy ball or a small toy) in layer after layer of wrapping paper. Before wrapping each layer, add a small treat or surprise your young guests can enjoy when they unwrap it (such as stickers, sweets or toys).

The aim of the game is to pass around the wrapped gift while music plays and everyone takes turns unwrapping one layer at a time—until last player left with the gift when the music stops finally wins the present! Each time someone successfully unwraps one layer, they win whatever prize was inside that layer. The game can get fast and furious as more layers are unveiled and eliminated until only one lucky player remains!

The more layers your parcel has—with its own special treats—would make for an exciting rendition of this classic group game. Enjoy some friendly competition among family and friends during your picnic!

Blind man’s buff

Blind man’s buff, also known as “blind man’s bluff,” is a traditional outdoor game that has been around for centuries and is still popular today! The game is an adaptation of tag and involves one “blind” player who must try to catch the other players despite being blindfolded. The goal of the game is for players to successfully avoid being caught by the blindfolded player.

To play Blindman’s Buff, you will need at least three players and a blindfold. One of the players, who will become “it” or the “blind man”, will put on the blindfold then spin ten times (or more). After spinning, this player must then reach out to catch one of their opponents while they run around in all directions. Players that are successfully tagged join hands with “the Blind Man” until all players are tagged, thus ending the game.

Blind Man’s Buff can be played outside in a wide open space making it an ideal picnic game! Depending on age and ability of participants, you can enhance the challenge by adding variations to the rules such as varying spins and allowing participants to switch roles while they play. If you want your game to last longer than its single tag iteration, you can also allow those that are tagged to eventually break away if they make their way back home without being caught for a third time.

Creative Games

Picnics are a great way to enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family. Everyone loves to have fun, and one of the best parts of a picnic is the games. If you want to make your picnic more enjoyable and creative, there are a lot of interesting games you can play. From classic to modern, from outdoor to indoor, from physical to mental, there’s something for everyone. Let’s take a look at some creative picnic game ideas.

Balloon sculpting

Balloon sculpting is a creative and entertaining way to bring fun and laughter to any party or celebration. Balloon sculpting can be used as an interactive game or entertainment during a picnic. Utilizing simple supplies – balloons of various colors, plus scissors and tape – teams or individual can participate in trying to shape the balloons into the theme or type of animal given for that round. This is a great way for people of all ages to get involved at your event, with no real skill necessary aside from patience and a creative eye.

This game requires at least two players, as well as two teams if preferred. Each team must choose one person who will be in charge of doing the balloon sculpting (or one individual working alone). The person designated as the creator must have access to an assortment of balloons in various colors, scissors and tape. The goal is for the creator to take basic materials such as these and creatively construct either an object or animal representation given by the host/hostess (or decided upon ahead of time) for that round. This could be anything from a fish shaped out of different colored balloons to a bumble bee using black and yellow balloons! The first team/player to complete their creation first wins!

This is definitely an entertaining creative game which encourages collaboration among participants, whilst creating wonderful memories along the way!

Paper airplane flying

Paper airplane flying is a fun picnic game suitable for all ages. All you need is some paper, scissors, and creativity! Begin by handing out several pieces of 8.5 x 11 inch printer paper to each player. Players can then design their own paper airplanes or find templates online or in craft books to use for inspiration. Players can display their creative flair by decorating the paper planes with markers, sequins and other materials.

Once the planes have been created and decorated, they’re ready to take flight outdoors in a wide open space. Have fun watching your planes soar through the air! To make things more interesting, you could set up targets such as tree trunks or water bottles – whoever flies their plane closest to the target wins!

Face painting

Face painting is a creative and fun game to play at picnics, birthdays, and other outdoor events. It can be enjoyed by all ages, from young kids to adults. All you need are some washable paint and a few art supplies such as sponges, brushes, and stencils.

To save time and money, you can use everyday items like pens and stickers as makeshift face paint set-ups. Beginners should start with simple designs like butterflies and geometric shapes before graduating to more complicated ones like cartoon characters or animals. You can also split the group into teams so each person has their own unique design to work on.

Experienced face painters may want to try out some advanced techniques such as intense blending or building up layers of color for extra dimensionality. Adding glitter or accessories will give an extra festive touch to your designs. You don’t need much time for this game – just long enough for everyone in your group to get creative with their temporary masterpieces!

Sports Games

Sports games are a great way to have fun on a picnic with friends and family. They can be competitive and exciting, and can easily involve everyone in the group. From classic games, like volleyball and football, to new and creative outdoor activities, there is a sport game for everyone to enjoy. Here, we will be discussing some of the best sports games that can take your picnic to the next level.


Frisbee is a fun, active game that involves throwing a disc at a target. It is one of the most popular sports games played in parks and beaches around the world. The aim of Frisbee is to get certain points by throwing the disc into or over the target area. The player or team with the most points wins.

To play Frisbee, players must first divide into two teams and decide what type of Frisbee to use, such as a professional-grade frisbee for official competitions or regular plastic flying discs for just for fun backyard games. The teams should take turns throwing the frisbee towards each other, trying to get it in or over the designated targeting area for various points depending on how close it got. One player from each team should stand in an opposing group from one another and can catch any frisbees that are coming their way if desired.

The first team to reach an agreed upon amount of points (decided before the game starts) is declared as winner of the game! Though easy to learn, it’s important to stretch before playing and keep water handy during hot days – no one wants to strain themselves too much while having fun!


Football, also known as American football or gridiron, is a highly popular team sport played around the world. It’s a great game to play with friends at a picnic or in the backyard. The basic rules of the game are that 11 players on each team attempt to maneuver an oblong shaped ball – either by throwing it, running with it or kicking it – into their opponent’s end zone. If they do this successfully they score points and if they do not the other team gains control of the ball. All players must follow these basic rules while also positioning their body strategically against their opposition in an attempt to gain or maintain control of the ball during play.

Here are some recommended games for football fun at your next picnic: Soccer tag: A lively game that combines elements from both American football and soccer! Line up two teams and choose one player to be “It” for each side. The two “its” then chase after each other rather than playing tag normally – instead, if someone gets tagged by one of the “it”s then he/she must drop down and throw one foot into the air like an airplane until someone else tags him/her out. Scrimmage challenge: Set up three zones with cones (or stones!) along a wide field as seen on typical American football fields and divide teams into offense (who try to take over a zone) and defense (who try to keep them away). Each time a zone is won by either side, add another point to your total score! Football toss: To play this game you’ll need pieces of cloth or paper which can act like goalposts – place them in two lines on either side of the field before beginning! Line up people into two teams opposite each other with everyone having a yard stick. Pass or toss the ball through goal posts created by your yard sticks – make sure people catch it still on their sides before attempting an extra point shot back across using yardsticks again!


Croquet is a classic outdoor game that can be played as a team or individually. It is often associated with garden parties and picnics, and is enjoyed by both adults and children alike. The aim of the game is to complete a course of nine wickets using six colored balls. Players take turns using either one or two mallets depending on the size of the playing area, in order to complete the track by knocking each ball through the different hoops.

The game includes elements of strategy and skill as players must plan how their balls will move around each hoop in order to reach their destination first. Croquet can be played with a variety of rules; however, it usually consists of two teams comprising either 2 or 4 players each, who compete against one another by aiming to finish the track first by completing all nine wickets in order.

Players may also opt to play “cut-throat” croquet, which requires players from both teams to compete individually against each other instead of as a team. This can help liven up family reunions or picnic gatherings where there may be multiple smaller groups wishing to play together at once. There are also fun variants such as Seltzer Bottle Croquet for those looking for more interesting ways to enjoy this timeless lawn game!

Ring Toss

The Ring Toss Picnic Game is a fun and exciting game for all ages. Perfect for a summer day at the park or a picnic in the backyard, this game is sure to bring out some competitive spirit in every player. Players take turns trying to toss their colored rings onto one of the five wooden pegs.

The goal is to get as many rings as possible around the pegs. The player with the most points wins! This game is easy to set up and requires minimal materials, making it an ideal game for any outdoor gathering. With its colorful design, it’s also an attractive addition to any picnic setting.

Plus, since it doesn’t require electricity, you can play this game almost anywhere outdoors; no need for a power outlet! Whether you’re playing with friends or family, this classic ring toss game will have everyone laughing and having fun in no time!

Fun in the sun with the best picnic games

In conclusion, the best picnic games and activities for adults and kids are sure to create lasting memories. From classic favorites like Frisbee and tag to more unique activities like treasure hunts and scavenger hunts, there is something for everyone!

Don’t be afraid to get creative with the rules or even invent your own game. With so many possibilities, every picnic can be a fun-filled experience that will delight all in attendance. So grab your basket, and some friends, and head outdoors for an unforgettable outdoor adventure!

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